Tobias Wong Tribute Project – Money Pad

This is a tribute to Tobias Wong and was created during the “Protect Me from What I Want” exhibition. I’ve borrowed his money pad idea and created a $100 Canadia Dollar Bill with Tobias Wong’s sketched-portrait and the Museum of Vancouver in the background.

moneypad closeup

Branding & Marketing Project – Optical Illusions Expo 2012

Here are the logo and poster I’ve designed for optical Illusions Expo 2012.

Click here or the last image to see my recreation of Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka’s “Primrose’s field”.

Logo1 Logo2 Logo3 Poster_1 Poster_2 Poster_3

Branding & Marketing Project – Ramen Con

Here is the logo and promotional poster I’ve created for the International Ramen Convention.

I’ve also designed a Godzilla mascot, marketing flyer and gift box packaging for the exclusive Godzilla ♥ Ramen Con event.

Try out the DIY packaing box by printing this PDF file or click on the last image below.

Ramen Poster Poster2GodzillaGodzilla_x_ramenFlyersBoxespackage