BC Hydro – PowerSmart Ethnic Awareness

PowerSmart Ethnic Awareness
Client: BC Hydro
Year: 2018
Agency: Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group

Art & Visual Direction
Design & Production Lead
Website Planning & Design

BC Hydro had launched the English PowerSmart program and energy-saving campaigns for over a year and was looking to reach the Chinese communities to encourage signups to the program.

The ask was to develop an awareness communication plan to encourage signup for the PowerSmart program in traditional, digital, landing pages and social media channels while keeping the overall aesthetic as close to the English creative as possible.

The English creative was very friendly and playful, so I took the same approach and worked closely with my copywriting team to develop Chinese messaging that resonates with ethnic customers’ behaviours in a spoken-language sentence-style. With the use of common Chinese slangs and hand-drawn scribble graphics to highlight the benefits, we created a series of energy-saving tips and messages that have a welcoming and light-hearted tone, which matches the English creative and educates the audience in a playful way.

The result was very positive! The PowerSmart campaign reached targetted goals and we were asked to develop the Energy Saving Tip Ethnic Videos as a follow-up.

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