Sunzen Art Gallery – Invitation

The Sunzen Art Gallery wanted to increase visibility among recent arrivals from mainland China, by showcasing its unique blend of Chinese art and culture with a contemporary English flair. A grand opening event was being planned within 3 weeks to show art is a multi-sensory experience.

The ask was to design a bilingual event invitation to showcase the 5 human senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing while keeping the existing branding visuals and aesthetics.

The invitation was a tri-fold brochure that had six panels, with five panels featuring each of the five senses and the final panel displaying the event details. All panels had both English and Chinese copy, carefully crafted to work together in a pleasing layout. Each of the 5 “sensory” panels featured an art type and had a distinct colour.  The logo creative was inspired by traditional Chinese architectural window design, so I took this design approach and created a sleeve with a cut-out of the gallery logo on the front. The sleeve was solid black to focus on the colour inside the sleeve, through the cutout. This demonstrated the concept of seeing art through Sunzen Art Gallery. The invitation was designed such that it can be folded in a number of ways, allowing different colour (art) to be featured when inserted back into the sleeve.

The result? It was a big success and very well received! A few different companies had reached out to me for invitation and branding design because they like the creative for Sunzen so much. I was also awarded with the Bronze prize in the Multicultural – Brochures/Print Collateral category in the 2019 Marketing Awards (

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