Warnett Hallen – ICBC Truth Video

ICBC Truth Video
Client: Warnett Hallen LLP
Year: 2018
Agency: Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group

Art & Visual Direction
Scripting and Storyboarding
Video Direction & Producing
Post Production

Warnett Hallen LLP, a personal injury law firm in the heart of Vancouver was looking for a creative way to educate the public about the ICBC claims cap changes.

The ask was to develop an approachable and memorable video to encourage the public to get in touch with Warnett Hallen to learn about the ICBC cap changes. The video needs to stand apart from what other law firms are doing and keeping the Warnett Hallen brand and look.

The main goal of the project is to generate action, so the catchphrase “Who you going to call? Warnett Hallen!” is first developed by the Creative Director. This catchphrase is inspired by the Ghostbusters movie and song, which I took and developed a movie trailer style video using 90’s movie trailer voiceovers and sound effects.

The movie trailer concept allowed me to create a unique style and strong impression for the Warnett Hallen brand. I was able to talk about serious matters but in a professional and light-hearted approach and insert a strong call-to-action message.

This project really put my team and me to the test as we had an extremely tight timeline and budget. We had great planning and communication and was able to create a well-received video and we also had a lot of fun doing it.