Hamazaki Wong – Biculture T-Shirts

Biculture T-Shirts
Client: Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group
Year: 2019
Agency: Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group

Art & Visual Direction
Design & Production Lead
Production Planning

Biculturalism is a body of work Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group has created and is trying to promote to their present and potential new clients.

The ask was taking the concept of Biculturalism and turning it into simple visuals that can be communicated to both the English and Chinese speakers. After several brainstorming sessions, my team and I thought the best way to express this is through everyday-language, like slang and oral expressions that are used commonly in the Chinese language and also recognized by the non-Chinese speakers.

I used dictionary as a device to help define the creative. By using Dictionary notations, the creative took on familiarity while allowing a playfulness that encouraged engagement with the messages. Like the Dictionary, the design of the t-shirts was deliberately monochromatic but punctuated with typographic flourishes to emphasize words and characters for greatest effect.

I showed the shirt to a friend and he loved it so much that I gave him one. He also happened to be a really good friend with Vancouver-Based Hollywood Actor Ludi Lin. And After Ludi saw the shirt, he asked for a shirt to wear during his speech at the Inspirasian in Dallas.

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